2022-02-14 changelog


Documentation updates

📍 The Pismo Developers Portal is now live! Read more about it here.

📍 There are new Home and Welcome pages for the Pismo Developers Portal.

📍 The new Flexible transaction controls guide explains how to create and manage flex controls in the Pismo platform.

📍 The new Third-party wallets guide explains how to add a Pismo card to a third-party wallet such as Apple Pay. The guide focuses on what the issuer can do: provide an anti-fraud webhook and assign a network profile.

📍 The new Disputes overview guide explains how the Pismo platform handles disputes.

📍 The Payments documentation is now enhanced with reorganized and updated information on the following pages:

📍 The Cards API reference is now enhanced by extensive editing and reorganizing:

  • The return values are updated to the latest data coming back.
  • The API summaries are renamed.
  • There are now links to generated events and corresponding guides.
  • The enums are defined more clearly.

📍 The following guides are now rewritten and updated with the most relevant information:

📍 The information in the Renewing an expired token section is corrected.

📍 Two new filters, authorizationId and authorizationType, are now available in the Search transactions API. For more details, see the Get transactions guide.