2022-04-25 changelog



📍 New create exchange rates endpoint
Create exchange rate – A new endpoint to create exchange rates is now available. It allows you to set exchange rates that the issuer will use for international transactions. You can set the exchange rate at either the org level (by default) or at the program level (by providing the program_id parameter). The following endpoints are being deprecated and should not be used for any new development:

📍 New force payments endpoint
The Force payment endpoint is now available to force a credit or debit operation on an account in the Pismo platform. This endpoint is the recommended approach to apply an anticipated credit or debit that happens in a regular operational scenario, but needs to go through regardless of limit and rule validations. The endpoint generates an authorization, which in turn triggers all expected events and data workflows. For more information, see the Force operation guide.

Updates and fixes

  • Improved transaction update event – When an installment purchase is canceled, the platform now broadcasts transaction update events to communicate that the statement for the transactions has changed.

  • Added network_token and network_requestor_id attributes inside token_information to authorization and timeline events.

📍Documentation updates

  • Accounting overview – Added hyperlinks in the overview to the new Accounting API references.

  • New fields are available on the Accounts domain for use by corporate banking:


New attributes



  • application.applicant.account.overdraft_limit


  • parent_account_id
  • custom_fields
  • children


  • update_children