28 November 2023 announcement

The newly revamped Events reference is now available on the Pismo Developers Portal.

This completely redesigned reference offers a more intuitive and feature-rich experience than the old JSON event schema site. Designed with your needs in mind, the new Events reference has an improved look and feel and provides additional views to help you understand your event data even better. Key benefits include:

  • Enhanced user experience: A cleaner interface layout and a more intuitive structure ensures that you find the information you need swiftly and efficiently.
  • Seamless integration: The Pismo Developers Portal now houses events, guides, APIs, and changelogs in one unified location. Update your bookmarks and streamline your workflow with integrated search functionalities and tailored content filtering.
  • Innovative schema visualization: View each event schema from multiple perspectives. The redesigned cascading view allows for effortless exploration of data structures, with intuitive indenting to highlight hierarchical relationships. Alternate between this dynamic view and the traditional raw JSON format. Plus, discover practical examples of data, formatted just as you’ll receive it, to streamline your operational and analytical applications.

When you explore features of the new Events reference, be sure to share your feedback through the "Did this page help you?" surveys available on every page.