2021-12-06 changelog

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📍 New rules for spending limits
You can now apply spending limits by Merchant Category Code (MCC), entry mode, and Card ID for a specific account, customer, or card. These rules were previously available only at the program and org level. The new endpoints to support this functionality are now available:

📍 Pismo Console program enhancements
Pismo Console users can now:

  • Choose Currency and Timezone when creating or copying a program.
  • Conveniently view the program's interest rate settings on the new Applicable charges page.

📍 CRM UI updates
In the CRM application, the menu appearance is now updated according to the Pismo design standards. In the new menu, the textual labels now appear horizontally:

In the old menu, the labels appeared vertically.

Updates and fixes

📍 Documentation updates

The following documentation updates are now available: