Transfer funds

Transfers funds between a source (from) and destination (to).

The to and from objects contain information about one of the following payment methods:

  1. account - Platform merchant or customer account
  2. card - Credit card stored in a digital wallet, known as a card on file
  3. custom_info - Custom payment information, usually about an external account
  4. merchant - Platform merchant


You can use this endpoint to make the following types of transfers:

  • Pismo platform account to Pismo platform account (P2P)
  • Pismo platform account to merchant account (P2M)
  • Card to platform account (P2P with card)
  • Pismo platform account to merchant account with card (P2M with card)
  • Merchant account to merchant account (M2M)
  • Cashin
  • Cashin with card
  • Cashout
  • Cashout with card
  • Payment - Requires token (code) from Creating payment request (v1/payment-requests)

See the Examples drop-down menu for sample payloads for each of these transfer types. See our Guides for more details on these transfer type use cases.

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