Console authentication (2FA and password self-reset)

Pismo uses two-factor authentication (2FA) to improve the security of the Pismo platform. As of April 2022, 2FA is enabled in production environments for access to the Pismo Console and to other web applications.

Using 2FA

With 2FA, after entering your username and password, the platform sends a code to the email address linked to the login account. When logging to the Console, you must enter this code to complete the login process.


Emailing the passcode requires that everyone logging in to use these applications must have their correct email address registered with Pismo. (Email addresses can be updated in the Console if you have Administrator permissions.)

If the email address is not correct, the individual will be unable to access the authentication code and therefore will be unable to login to the platform.

If the registered address is for a mailing list, everyone on the mailing list will receive the emailed code

Using password self-reset

The Console login screen includes a Forgot password link to enable users to reset their own password via email.

  1. Click the Forgot password link on the Console login screen.
  1. Enter the email address associated with the user account and then click the Confirm button to send the password reset link.


Click the link provided in the email message body to set a new password.