Get transaction details

How to retrieve a list of transactions and their details.

You can use this endpoint to search for transactions based on various criteria. You can search for transactions by:

  • Customer
  • Whether it’s a debit or credit transaction
  • Its authorization event
  • Their ISO code
  • Their ID type
  • A specific statement

This endpoint is useful for:

  • Knowing about a product's performance
  • Calculating financial revenues
  • Informing customers about their statements

Transactions list

To retrieve a list of these transactions, use:

GET <URL>/transactions-core/v2/transactions

Transactions filters

Both network purchases and digital wallet transfers generate transactions associated with related accounts. Since an account might have several transactions, you can use these query parameters provided for this endpoint as filters.




Filters transactions by its authorization identification (ID).


Filters transactions by the authorization type. This can be NETWORK or PLATFORM.


Filters transactions by their authorization tracking IDs.


Filters transactions by debits or credits. If set to true, it returns only credit transactions. If set to false, it returns only debit transactions. If omitted, it returns both.


Filters all transactions associated by a specific customer.


Filters transactions by the end of an event date.


Filters transactions by the start of an event date.


Filters transactions by their IDs.


Sorts the order of transactions shown. If set to asc, it returns the transactions by ascending order. If set to dsc, it returns the transactions by descending order.


Specifies the page number to begin transaction results.


Sets the maximum amount of transactions per page.


Filters transactions by the ISO processing code.


Filters transactions belonging to a specific statement.


Shows whether a transaction was posted to a statement. If set to true, it shows the transaction in the statement.


Filters transactions by their type identifier.

Sample response

Here's an example of a filtered list of transactions.

   "soft_descriptor":"purchase in installments in Brazil",
      "description":"International IOF",
      "name":"Teste Name"
      "name":"purchase installments",
      "city":"SAO PAULO",
         "description":"Category description Services LTDA",

For more information, go to Search for transactions with filters.

Transaction count associated by filter

To retrieve the total number of transactions associated with a filter, use:

GET <URL>/transactions-core/v2/transactions/total-items

For more information, go to Transaction count by given filter.

Get metadata about a specific transaction

To retrieve a specific transaction and its metadata, use:

GET <URL>/transactions-core/v2/transactions/transactionId

Then, set the includeMetadata query parameter to true.

For more information, go to Transactions by id.

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