Get transaction balances

If you need to see the credit card balance of a transaction, you can use Get transactions balance. You can use this endpoint to see the details of a transaction. This might be helpful if your customer has a dispute or needs credit card refinancing.

Find a transaction balance

To find a transaction balance:

  1. Go to Get transactions balance.
  2. Enter the account ID number associated with the transaction in the accountId field.
  3. Use the filters, if you need to. If not, skip this step.

The transaction balance details appear in the response.

Filter a transaction balance

You can also filter a transaction balance in Get transaction balance, so you can find it by its details. To filter a transaction balance, use these fields in the request.

statementIdFilters the balance by its statement ID number.
transactionTypeIdFilters the balance by its transaction type ID number.
transactionIdsFilters the balance by its transaction ID number. If you need to filter a list of transactions, make sure you use a comma to separate each id. For example, transactionIds=9990,9991,9992. You can filter a maximum of 50 transaction IDs.
hasBalanceFilters transactions by positive balance. To find a transaction with a positive balance, select true. To find a transaction without a balance, select false. If you leave it blank, you can find the transaction balance no matter what.
pageSpecifies how many pages of transaction balances you want to see.
perPageSpecifies how many transaction balances per page you want to see.

If you need more details about a transaction, use Search transactions with filters.