Create an installment advancement

How to create installment advancements on the Pismo platform.

You can use the Pismo platform to advance future credit card debt. To advance this debt, create a new installment advancement for your customer.

Create a new installment advance

Before you create a new installment advancement, make sure the customer is eligible for it. So, check your organization’s refinancing terms, procedures, and conditions.

If the customer is eligible:

  1. Search for the transaction to advance.
  2. From the response, copy the number from the transaction_id field.
  3. Paste this number into the transaction_id field of the Create an Installment Advance endpoint.
  4. In this endpoint, set:
    • mode to all.
    • remove_interest_from_current to true.
    You now created an installment advancement for all installments in the same purchase of that transaction and
    removed interest from all installments.

Once you’ve created a new installment advancement, the Pismo platform changes the statements of all the installments to the current statement. If the customer needs to cancel the advance, use Cancel an Installment Advance.

Search for existing installment advances

If you need to review an existing agreement, use Get Installment Advance. You can use this endpoint to check interest rates, current balance, and the installment plan. You can also use it to search an existing advance agreement by its ID.